Something for the Weekend, Sir? A new brilliant, contemporary tale of love…

Released on Blu-ray and DVD this week is the brilliantly realistic and touchingly moving film by UK director Andrew Haigh, Weekend.

Released last November to critical acclaim, Weekend charts the brief meeting between two 20-something men, Russell and Glen.

After a chance encounter in a nightclub leads to a one-night stand, both Russell and Glen find themselves unexpectedly opening up to each other over a weekend.  Russell, a life guard in a local swimming pool feels that there is something missing from his life; Glen, a confrontational art student, hurt from a previous relationship, hopes to commence a new chapter of his life abroad.  As we follow them get drunk, get high, have sex, debate and argue; they both realise that something special is developing between them as they explore the possibility of embarking on a relationship together.  Set against a backdrop of Nottingham council estates and down-market pubs, Haigh’s naturalistic, directional style is perfectly matched by 2 engaging and convincing performances from its leads, Tom Cullen and Chris New. The antithesis of Brokeback Mountain and Hollywood’s other ‘airbrushed’, unreal portrayals of gay love, Weekend is an intimate and sincere tale that speaks to all audiences about the search for identity and the importance of being true to oneself.

Casting asides clichés and stereotypes, the film takes a fresh look at the boy-meets-boy genre, revealing a tender portrait of the gay masculinity in the UK. Charming and poignant, the film beautifully captures those moments of honesty and awkwardness, sensitivity and self-doubt that can arise when 2 people connect. From sharing something as mundane as a cup of coffee or preparing for a night out, Weekend is achingly romantic, reminding us of the fleeting, ephemeral nature of love and its relevance in all our lives.


UK 2011 Dir: Andrew Haigh 97mins


~ by cinemalicious on March 23, 2012.

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